Win a ticket for our Middle East 2023 event

10-12 September, Art Hotel & Resort, Amwaj Island, Mamana, Bahrain

Answer the below questions correctly and if your answers are correct you will be entered into a random draw to receive a free ticket to attend our event (maximum 5 tickets are available).  This is not easy so we will accept the top 10 closest to the completely correct answers.

Name and contact details

Which area do you work in? (You may select more than one). Only those working in the below are eligible for this competition.

Q1. What was the name given to the computer program that defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997?

Q2. In what year was the first successful AI program written which involved playing draughts (checkers)?

Q3. In what year was the first successful machine learning program written which shopped for goods in a simulated set of shopping malls?

Q4. Which of the following are considered methods of approach in AI research? (You can select more than one option)

Q5. What are the generally accepted types of AI? (You can select more than one option)

Q6. What does the acronym ANN mean in the world of AI?

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